f8, 1/100, 10mm: Lomo Fisheye 2

I forgot how restrictive Lomos can be. 

I received this "wooden" Lomo Fisheye 2 camera from my Emulsive Secret Santa. The design is much better than the first model but it's still a toy definitely. I loaded it up with my own hand-loaded film and I had been carrying it around in my bag for forever since it's so light I forgot I had it in my backpack (and also forgot to use it).

Interestingly, the Lomo Fisheye was my first gateway camera to the world of analog photography. In my last year of college, Lomography was all the rage so I had to have one to see what it was all about. I even used it to capture my graduation ceremony.

January 2007. OMG It's been 10+ years since I graduated??

January 2007. OMG It's been 10+ years since I graduated??

Then I got into more serious analog photography and left the world of Lomo behind me. 

So I have my Secret Santa, Dirk, to thank for this fun camera to remind me of my old Lomo days. 

Having been using proper film cameras for so long I forgot that the Lomo has one setting for all--one aperture, one shutter speed, one focal length. I thought the places I took the photos with it were bright enough but apparently not, even its blindingly built-in flash couldn't help the situation at times. But I guess that's the "charm" of a Lomo right? "Shoot from the hip!"

One thing for sure, the night market should not have been the place I took half the roll with on the Fisheye! Below is all I could salvage.