Market Vendor For a Day


So this past Saturday I became a market vendor for a day. 

Film lab and community AIRLAB hosted its annual Analog Fair, and event that brings speakers, vendors and shoppers of all things analog photography. I went last year and I was really impressed and decided to become a part of it this year.

It's my first time setting up a booth to sell anything ever. The weather was scorching hot, I was sweating through my dress, but it was a fun experience. I didn't set out to make a lot of profit, I just wanted to be a part of the fair. The most difficult part wasn't learning to become a salesperson, it was stopping myself from spending my earnings at the neighboring camera booths... 

Sadly, being the vendor I didn't leave me much time to be a shopper or a wanderer so I didn't take any photos or participate in any of the workshops at all which is a bummer. 

Besides cameras from my own collection and a bunch of films I bulk-loaded, I also ordered some t-shirts and tote bags made specifically for the market sale. The items are now also available to order through my website. If you'd like some goodies with my own original designs, head on over here to the Shop!