Bulk Loading: Achievement Unlocked!


I have successfully loaded my own film! 

Why do you need to load your own film? It's cheaper, you can control the number of exposures per roll, and the best part of all, at least for me, you can have your own branding!

These are the two videos that helped me navigate the process. Nick Exposed and Forest Hill Film Lab have been my film photography guides since I started developing my own black and white film.

I bought the bulk loader from a mom-and-pop photographic supplies store in Chinatown for about 2,000 baht. As for the bulk roll, it's virtually impossible to find one in this country. But even though my bulk roll of Kentmere 400 came from B&H and Process Supplies, it's still cheaper per roll in the end.

Thanks to my analog friends Dave and Kate, who graciously become my analog guinea pigs, we have the first results to show that I didn't fail! No scratches, no accidental light leaks, no tears. I call this a success!

Kentmere is not exactly my favorite black and white film as it does not have a lot of contrast, but the good thing is you can increase that if you push film, like I did here with a commercial roll of Kentmere:

If you'd like to buy one, you can place an order here! I will ship internationally You can also order a matching badge to go with it to show off your analog pride :)