Analog Vibes: LERT's at Yelo House

LERT's has become my new favorite film lab as of late. It's conveniently located (just across from MBK), run by a friendly musician-slash-photographer, and the gallery in itself is an interesting space to explore, hang out, and photograph. 

LERT's sits just towards the back of Yelo House, an art space situated by Bangkok's infamous Saen Saab canal, and is surrounded by graffitied walls of a nearby local community. It's a blend of modern hipster Bangkok and old school rustic Bangkok and it just works.

The lab itself is quite small, although the owner's passion and connection within Bangkok's photographer community gives you an opportunity to mingle and witness other photographers at work, who often use the vibrant canal side walkways as their backdrop for shoots. 

The owner, Lertkiat Chongjirajitra, is an orchestral trumpeter and photographer, and is quite known in both worlds. He runs the lab himself with an assistant, so the turn-around time is not exactly immediate, but quality and professionalism are guaranteed. If you get the full dev+scan service, he will email you a Google Drive link to download your images. My London photos from January were done at LERT's. 

Even if you don't have to get films developed, Yelo House is a great spot to check out anyway. There's also a cafe that serves homey and affordable Western and Thai dishes. Art fans can explore the space which often showcases works by young Thai artists.

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Wed-Mon 1pm-8pm

BTS National Stadium