Analog Vibes: AirLAB

AirLab is an analog photographer's haven. It's a film lab, a darkroom, a film camera store, a photo studio, and a photography workshop and gallery--all in one compound amidst a lush green space, which is rare in a concrete city like Bangkok. If you're a film photographer, whether you're visiting or living in Bangkok, you just can't not visit this place.

The owner, Chardchakaj Waikawee, is a professional photographer who used to work in fashion and editorial but now he's most well-known for his efforts in large format and glass plate photography revival. He also hosts workshops on film photography and darkroom basics if you want to really get into analog photography.

You can easily spend an afternoon inside this little compound. As you wait for the lab to develop your films (takes about an hour, without scanning, for a C41 process), you can have a quick homey Thai meal at their bistro "True Holiday". Just next to the bistro are TRULY streetwear store by Chardchakaj, and a film and camera shop Crazy Camera. 

Also, behind the compound is Chardchakaj's workshop space as well as a photographic studio for rent if you're looking for a nice well-lit location for a shoot. 

It's a bit of a walk from BTS On Nut but it's worth it, even if you just want a place to escape from the Bangkok noise.

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Mon-Sun 10am-7pm

BTS On Nut