Analog Vibes: Husband and Wife

I have been a fan of Husband and Wife and I have been buying their stuff online for a while. The only reason why it took me this long to finally visit their physical store is the location.

It's all the way out in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi. Of course it's not that far for people who live close to the Don Muang Airport or the concert/exhibition hall IMPACT Arena. But for a Sukhumvit dweller like me, that's almost a foreign land. 

The lack of public transport to that are also didn't help. After almost getting lost on the highway, we finally found it. Husband and Wife Store sits in a small compound that also has a small cafe and bakery. The store is owned by one of Thailand's renowned street photographer Artyt Lerdrakmongkol whose work has been featured and recognized by many street photography festivals and collectives. He started the store with his wife, hence the name. 

Their website is comprehensive enough that you don't really have to visit their physical store but if you're determined or just in the area, you should definitely stop by. They also have items for sale than aren't available through their site such as camera bags and vintage film cameras. 

Artyt has also just started a small photography school that focuses on developing your creative idea than actually teaching how to's. 

What I like most about Husband and Wife in general is its emphasis on analog photography from beginning to end. They don't just sell films and cameras, but also development chemicals and JOBO machines, of which they are the official supplier in Thailand. His development tutorials on YouTube are also useful and I hope he makes more.

The cutest thing about this place is the bucket full of empty film cassettes at the front of the store that you can take home for free, just in case you like to bulk load your own films like me.

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Husband and Wife Shop

Tues-Sun 11am-8pm

See Google Map for directions