Print Me Out App

I recently stumbled upon an app called PrintMeOut.

It's a phone app that lets you create a photobook using images from your phone. I didn't think too much about it and saw that it would only cost me 349 baht (with free shipping), so I thought I should test it out.

All you have to do is select number of pages, size of the book, photos you want printed, and basic design elements like background color and binding options.

The service exceeded my expectation! The paper quality is good, the prints even better! I was a bit wary as I wasn't sure if my images were high-def enough but apparently they were! So now I have my first photobook, with images from my recent trip to Samui.

There were some hiccups though. Even though the app allows you to individually edit the image caption, when I tried to do so, instead of saving it on the original selected image, it duplicates the image. So in the end I decided to only caption the last image with details of the whole album instead.

All in all, with a few more bug fixes, I could see this app becoming a favorite among photography hobbyists looking to publish their own photobooks.


- Easy to understand app

- Speedy customer service via their Facebook page

- Good quality paper and printing

- Fast response after payment

- Fairly fast shipping (one week)

- Good price with free shipping

Need Improvement:

- App is still a bit buggy when trying to edit captions

- Need more font choices

- App is in Thai only

- It shows the status of your order but it doesn't do push notification

- It only accepts cash transfer as payment

- App doesn't show your ordered photobook designs and image selections so there's no summary or records of your orders.