Analog Vibes: Blue Dye Cafe

I’m gonna start a series of post highlighting cool places for analog photographers to chill at in Bangkok. 

Today I went to Blue Dye Cafe in Sukhumvit 36. I’ve been wanting to come here for a while as the Instagram film store I am following Gib Gae Film is selling their stuff offline here as well.

The analog gear for sale here are mostly premium P&S like Leica Minilux and 35mm films from widely available Kodak’s to Hillvale Sunny 16. 

It’s also home to a pottery workshop by Cone No. 9. A big selection of handmade original design earthenware. Prices are a bit steep but they are very well made. If I had space on my kitchen cabinet I would have bought some. 

The cafe menu is the usual Bangkok cafe fare: coffee, tea, sandwiches and pasta. I ordered carbonara (alas, like many other places, was made with cream) and iced matcha. The bill came to 310 baht with no service charge. 

In conclusion: a quiet place to hang in Thonglor but it’s a bit of a walk from the BTS. Unless you want to grab a roll of film or in need of some handmade pottery, it’s not really a place you’d go out of your way for. 

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Blue Dye Café

Tues-Sun 9am-6pm

BTS Thonglor